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All the products described below have been developed for/sold to real life client companies since 2005 for the fees indicated or greater. They have stayed idle on my PC for years, I feel that;s a waste, and that they can add value to other individuals or businesses with similar needs to those I originally built them for.

Note that I will be adding more apps to this page as time goes on. Including those for Farm Business Owners - like the Monthly version of my Excel-VB driven Poultry Farm Manager app.

To make it easy for inyterested opersons, I've decided to offer password protected access to a members only downloads area, where those who signup can easily choose as many as they want of the apps.

I also offer to help any interested member customize ONE of the apps s/he chooses for his/her personal use. If s/he needs any other apps customized it will be done at 60% of the fee indicated for the app.

Income & Expense Manager 1.1

NOTE: Over N41,000.00 worth of sales of this application were recorded between 21st Sept. 07 and 28th Nov. 07 (approx. 42 working days)!

The Income & Expense Manager 1.0 was originally built in August 2006 for business center owners who want to know if they are really making PROFITS - but is actually useful for anyone keen to keep an eye on/track (and store historical records of) his/her income AND expenses.

Enables even a PC/Excel novice input ONE year's worth of (paper) records into a ready-to-use spreadsheet using an automated, floating data entry form - at 60 rows per day for 365 days.

It also  automatically computes entries into daily, weekly, monthly, annual (tabulated, charted, and printable) summaries of income, expenses etc. The upgrade version started selling on 6th September 2007. Past buyers got FREE upgrades.

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Hospital Cash Office/Patients Financial Records Manager  Product

Just built for an old client company within two working days (8th and 9th January 2008). 

The Hospital Cash Office/Patients Financial Records Manager is a 100% customizable software that allows cash office staff of a hspital to quickly, easily and reliably record - and retrieve - patients' detailed financial transaction records (for treament received) in a manner that facilitates speedy evaluation of patients financial status with the hospital for timely and profitable decision making to be done. 

Membership Records Manager (for Clubs, Associations, Institutes, and other social groups) - Handles records for up to 5,000 members for a period of 5 consecutive years. Product

Just built for a pioneer Health & Fitness Club in Lagos, established in the '80s.

The Membership Records Manager is a 100% customizable software that allows a club, association, or group conveniently and reliably record - and retrieve - member personal/financial and other records(including member's financial status) in a manner that facilitates accurate management evaluation of the business' performance for timely and profitable decision making to be done.

The program was built within 10 working days(5th to 15th Dec. 07) - during which time user training and test run was also carried out. Member information can be readily retrieved using Member No. or Full Member Name.

Login Access Restriction interface facilitates management control of access to the program - preventing unathorised entry/changes from being made.

Contact me for a zero cost slideshow presentation.

Church Records/Accounts Manager Product

Built for a large Anglican church in Lagos. Very easy to use application capturing virtually every bit of information a church needs to know about her members.

From personal information like age, date joined or converted, education, profession, marital status, talents, tithing, phone numbers to others like talents, counselling, membership of groups, associations etc.

Also allows daily update of financial records - tithes/offering, donations etc - and auto generates Monthly/Annual Income and Expenditure Statements/Reports.

It is also used to automatically generate names of church members whose birthdays fall within each NEW week for pulication in the church bulletin. 100 customisable. Call us for a zero cost presentation.

General Accounts Manager - Module 1 Product

This is a much more sophisticated software application compared to the Income & Expense Manager mentioned above.

First built for a specialist hospital in Lagos - but can be used by any business. Allows user to post cash office receipt using in-house format register (cash, cheque. value card etc) and payment amounts using custom floating data entry forms.

Automatically generates Weekly, Monthly/Annual Income & Expense Report - integrated with charts of EACH heading value. Dynamic report preparation interface with drop menus

Automated Employees' Payment Schedule & Payslips Generator Product

First built for a large hospital in Lagos(but can be used by any business). The client hospital's accountant had expressed the desire to get around the limitation of the commercial software he was using which required input of certain mandatory information NOT relevant to the Nigerian environment.

I built the application to auto-prepare a payment schedule sent to banks to enable each employee's account to be credited with the corresponding salary amount.

Plus it allows the user produce payslips (6 per A4 page) for up to 200 staff.

Automated Invoice Generator Product

First built in 2004 for an IT/Telecoms company in Lagos. It allows the user quickly and conveniently prepare professional looking Invoices & Delivery Notes for clients. Select item(s) from drop menus, watch program auto-insert prices, quantities and compute totals, VAT etc. It even writes the EXACT Amount Due in Words.

It was recently(November 07) integrated into a custom medical records payments/billing monitoring software built for DFO Medical Clinics in Akoka, Lagos - enabling them generate invoices for corporate clients whose employees are treated.

Custom Software Development Service

Let me build a custom software (Enterprise Information System) to automate your data handling, analysis and routine reports preparation.

Our Custom Excel-VB Solutions Development website ( offers videos of products we built for past clients including testimonials.

From 25,000.00
Small Group Or Personal Coaching in MS Excel, Webdesign etc Service

Through my Excel-Heaven website, offer experiential/job-based, real-world relevant coaching in use of MS Excel.

From Basic, Intermediate, to Advanced and VBA-Solutions Developer coaching.

From N50,000 per person
Talks & Keynote Speeches Service

As a member you can invite me to speak to your team, group, in your company, club or association.

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FREE for ONE hour

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